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MIM Process

About MIM

Powder injection molding (PIM) is a new part molding technology which combines traditional powder metallurgy molding technology with plastic injection molding technology. According to the difference of raw material powder in injection molding process, it can be divided into two categories, one is ceramic powder injection molding technology (CIM) and the other is metal powder injection molding technology (MIM).Metal powder injection molding technology (MIM) is a near net shape forming process for producing complex parts at a lower cost by adding metal powder fillers to plastics, removing plastics and sintering powder into a whole product.MIM products are widely used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, medical devices, automotive parts and other fields.

MIM Process

In the 1970s----the powder injection molding (PIM) process for ceramic spark plugs began to appear;
1979----Parmareh metal injection molding products won two awards, and the MIM process received industry attention;
1986----Japan Nippon Seison introduced the MIM process, and China began the
experimental research of MIM process;
1990----Italian Metalor introduced MIM process technology to establish a MIM
production line;
1997~2000----China's Wusan Research Institute, Beijing Iron and Steel General
Institute and Central South University successively established MIM company and MIM technology gradually industrialized in China;
2000~2006----China's MIM enterprises continued to innovate, and the domestic
MIM industry   was growing year by year;
Since 2006---- benefiting from the innovation of BASF feeding technology and the extensive application of MIM technology in the consumer electronics field, the MIM industry had entered a period of rapid growth after 2012.

General MIM Process
Advantage in MIM
Complicated structure Competitive cost High precision: tolerance is 0.3% of the norminal dimension Good mechanical performance More and more application in different industries